Fashion Friday Special: Queen Elsa of Frozen

I’ve always had fond memories of celebrating Halloween growing up. Going to SM or Subic for the annual trick-or-treats, pulling tricks or pranks, the overload of buckets of candy, the spooktacular October always made me look forward to the end of the it every year. However, one of my favorite things about Halloween is dressing up. Halloween is the perfect occasion to be in the body of another person, animal or creature, fashionably speaking. You could be anyone or anything you want – you just have fun with it.

For this year’s Halloween, I came as Queen Elsa of Disney film Frozen. I don’t know if you’ve noticed (I actually wrote about her before Frozen premiered here) but she is currently my ultimate favorite Disney character.


HAIR. I used a light blonde wig and simply braided it, leaving two loose sections in front. I then braided these two sections and secured it with bobby pins and hairspray at the back just above the first braid. I must admit this was the trickiest part in dressing up since I had to hide so much of my dark, black hair! Poofing nor teasing the bangs didn’t help so I just simply side-swept them to the right.

IMG_0393 IMG_0459 IMG_0456

DRESS. I believe you saw this dress in my debut (see here). Embellished with icicles-like beadwork, Elsa’s dress is very particular with its details – including the blue snowflakes in Elsa’s cape. Beadwork was added in the finger loop for emphasis. Elsa’s dress in the movie is perfect for hourglass shaped bodies.

ACCESSORIES. I used simple dangling crystal-like earrings and an Elsa-inspired ring. It has a snowflake with a blue stud in the middle.

SHOES. Instead of my silver stilettos I opted for small-heeled wedges for comfort throughout the night.


MAKEUP. Eyeliner served as a good pal in making my eyes appear bigger or what I’d like to call “cartooning”, as well as a little blue eyeshadow too (substituted for blue eyeliner since I didn’t have that) and eyelash extensions. Smokey blue eyes were the trick to achieving Elsa’s big and beautiful blue eyes. I had three white studs glued to my upper left eyelid for a final touch.

Here you go! I did my best to pull off my favorite Disney character, with special thanks to my mom, Viktoria Couture and Designs and Mr. Aiky Jairi. I hope you like it. Halloween isn’t until the 31st but this is me sending you the best of luck and wishes in celebrating the spookiest holiday of the year. Who knows, you might get tricks more than treats!