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You may be thinking why a world like the blogosphere would hold seminars, workshops or talks for an industry that just requires a laptop, internet connection and a bunch of photos but frankly, blogging isn’t as easy, glitzy and glamorous as you think. Keeping it up requires commitment, time management and of course, passion. This is what I saw in Shai Legarde, life + style blogger of Love Chic. After four years in the industry, she decided to give back to her readers by holding a “thank you” workshop called Style Stop where she shares her expertise, tips and experiences in blogging as well as a mini bazaar of her pre-loved items.

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Shai Legarde is all about innovating your own style and standing out. As cliché it may sound, it’s true! With that, you create a name for yourself and this is what makes you different from the thousands of other bloggers. Despite the amount of years she has been exposed to blogging, she remains humble. I swear, she is one of the most down-to-earth personalities I’ve ever met.

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She gave us attendees (many of us are bloggers) an opportunity to share what our blog was and what we write about. She smiled when I told her my blog’s name – so many chic things in life to write and talk about, indeed! 😉

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Shai also held a mini-bazaar where she sold her pre-loved items.



You learn so much from very influential people. This is actually the third blogging workshop I attended so far in my life as a blogger and there is yet still so much to learn. I’m looking forward to more of these!

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