It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday but the rain started to pour right after these photos are taken. Rainy season is officially here in the Philippines.


Dress is a gift from my mom! 🙂

Shoes from San Ysidro, CA

They say that work feels less stressful if you’ve got the passion for it. I’ve been writing a lot of articles and essays recently and I would encounter cases of a writer’s block every once in a while, it get frustrating and pressuring when you have deadlines to meet. Proof-reading could get tricky since you need the keen eye to hunt for errors and the like. Sometimes when you feel like giving up you have to reflect and realise why you started in the first place. I guess it’s my passion for writing that keeps me going.


Satchel from Manel’s Leather

IMG_1716 IMG_1714

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you could see that I started on the 100 Happy Days challenge. You can check it out here under the hashtag #happysabel. I don’t find it as a challenge but rather a way to reflect on God’s blessings and seek the beautiful things in life even in the simplest form. If you haven’t started, try it out! 🙂

It’s not all the time that I post “personal reflections” on my blog so this one marks as the first one. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed looking through my outfit photos! 🙂