Travel With Ysabel: Torrey Pines & La Jolla Beach

It’s a first in 18 summers that I didn’t visit the beach. I only swam once during Holy Week and that’s just about it. This summer was different. Instead of waddling in the shores or getting a tan I was fortunate to visit unfamiliar but beautiful places in the United States. It was a cold summer for me this year but it’s by far the best one.

My family visited my mom’s relatives in San Diego. My family and I couldn’t let this summer pass without feeling the soft sand on our feet so we made it a must to drop by La Jolla and Torrey Pines beach.

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IMG_1170 IMG_1182 IMG_1185

Torrey Pines beach is an area of hang gliding. The flyers there made it appear that it was easy as pie. It was frightening to watch especially that it was windy that day.

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