Travel With Ysabel: Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

I think we all came to that one point in our life, in our childhood perhaps, that we wish we had have the ability to fly. It’s possible to have fun, burn and fly at the same time! You think only Superman can do that? Nope. Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park has made it possible!

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Sky Zone is the world’s first indoor trampoline park. It’s also equipped with some of the best trampolines in the world. It’s a park guaranteed fun for all ages! Jump all you can in the trampoline arena or you can also take their fitness classes that can help you burn up to 1,000 calories an hour. Even if I didn’t take the class, I could tell that we burned so much already! My cousins and I were feeling hyped and felt that we needed some exercise after al the food we’ve been intaking for the past weeks in this vacation so we went. Sky Zone is created not only for recreation but it can also be a place of exercise. I sweat loads in the first 15 minutes of our time there.
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There are different trampoline courts. If you want to perform somersaults and other tricks, the Foam Zone‘s the perfect for that as falling in the pit would be painless. Feel like slamming dunks or playing dodgeball? The Skyslam and dodge ball arena’s up for games! We played against a set of teenagers but we lost three games out of four. =))

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Skyzone was also a good place to practice my jumps that I do in the hard court and on ice. This is me doing a three-revolution spin in the air.

IMG_0857 (copy) IMG_0890 (copy)

Socks were provided to keep us from slipping. The socks had grips underneath.


Foam Zone


My cousins and I certainly had a blast!  C’mon on and let’s jump in to the fun!

Check out this video to see more of our experience in Skyzone!

We visited the VanNuys branch. There are 49 locations.

7741 Hayvenhurst Ave Van Nuys, CA | 91406

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