Travel With Ysabel: Philadelphia, PA

We had one free day in New York so instead of spending it there we decided to visit our relatives in Philly. It was just a two hour drive from NYC and we spent the whole day there. My parents were especially ecstatic of visiting Philly again since the last time they were there was 17 years ago.

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Philadelphia’s famous Liberty Bell is found here. It is considered a symbol of the American revolution. It perfectly symbolises the never-ending quest for freedom. Bells may appear strong but the Liberty Bell is actually fragile. Cracks started to appear and broadened quickly. Even gentle touching could wear away the surface, so the National Park Service decided to retire its use.

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On the way to Fairmont Park there were flags from around the world hung from each pole. 🙂IMG_0599 IMG_0604

We went to Fairmont Park which also overlooked the dam. There are houses that looks so beautiful when lighted up at night.

IMG_0624 IMG_0617 IMG_0621 IMG_0610Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.20.47 PMAlthough we weren’t able to go inside the Philadelphia Museum of Art, my dad wanted to visit it anyway. We found out he wanted to see the place where one of the famous scenes of the 1976 film Rocky was shot. We watched the Broadway version of it in New York (see more about that here). My dad and brother raced up the staircase where they reenacted one of the scenes in that film.

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Philadelphia’s pride – cheesesteaks. It’s like a burger but has cheese and steak in it. Choose the kind of cheese you want and how you want your steak to be cooked – you’ll be munching the entire thing in a jiffy. There are a number of cheesesteak restaurants there but we tried out Geno’s. 🙂