V1KT8RIA: Event Set-Up

My debut (V1KT8RIA) was held at the Isla Ballroom of EDSA Shangri-la hotel. The venue’s set up was a fabulous work done by the one and only Henry Pascual.

_MG_5471 (copy)

_MG_6488 (copy)

_MG_6503 (copy)

_MG_6504 (copy)

Since my theme was vintage vogue, there was an abundance of light, pastel colors but it was mostly dominated by baby blue and pink since they were my top two favorite colors. The stage conceptualizes “my favorite things”.

_MG_6509 (copy)

_MG_6512 (copy)

_MG_6519 (copy)

_MG_6523 (copy)

_MG_6538 (copy)

_MG_6546 (copy)

_MG_6547 (copy)

_MG_6552 (copy)

This part’s the memorabilia in which showcases the things my parents and I have kept for the past 18 years. It was just outside the Isla Ballroom. It was divided into parts which symbolized significant parts of my life: Birth To Seven Days, Elementary, High School, Ice Skating, College, Family and Travel. Per object displayed there corresponds a category under that.

_MG_6565 (copy)

_MG_6569 (copy)

_MG_6576 (copy)

_MG_6579 (copy)

_MG_6590 (copy)

This is also where the “socializing” part happened right before the doors were opened at 6:30 pm.

_MG_7005 (copy)

_MG_6690 (copy)

_MG_6635 (copy)

_MG_6616 (copy)

_MG_6615 (copy)

_MG_6610 (copy)

_MG_6606 (copy)

_MG_7027 (copy)

_MG_7013 (copy)

After my actual debut there was an after party which was just right next to the main ballrooms.

For more photos of these, you may view them here.

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