Fashion Friday (Episode 7)

Maybe it isn’t Friday. But due to the number of backlogs I failed to blog about for the past two weeks and a half, I decided to place all my outfit posts in one!
H&M top
Mom’s scarf and belt 

Bazaar sunnies
American Eagle shorts
Dr. Martens boots
I wore this on our first day in Baguio. I didn’t want frozen tootsies during our entire stay there so I knew my Dr. Martens boots would be my best friend for the weekend – and scarves too! Scarves add that sophisticated touch to your winter outfits and since it’s cold back down in the city I took the chance to use them when I went to Baguio.
Banana Republic jacket 
Pull and Bear top 
Bazaar sunnies 
Mondor leggings 
Dr. Martens boots
For extra warmth these leggings were a help! These are the ones I use for training in ice skating which were a bit thicker in the thigh area. I haven’t breathed in a 16 degree Celsius atmosphere in a while so I figured this snuggly jacket was a help. I think it’s pretty logical for me to wear pink and my heart sunnies because it was Valentine’s Day that time. Lol.
Forever 21 cover up
Michelle blouse
Mom’s scarf
Roxy belt
Hudson jeans
Dr. Martens boots
 For a “fashionista trekker” peg, I figured the cover up would do the trick. The faded wooden pattern of this cover-up blended in with the environment and atmosphere. I felt warm in these skinny jeans and they’re also easy to move around with which diminished the stress of all that walking around the city. 
(For more photos of my Baguio trip, click here.)
Aiky Jairi MUA
Viktoria Couture & Designs dress
Landmark heels
This was taken just last night from the debut of my high school and blogger friend Hershey Neri. I was honored to be a part of her 18 Models since her debut’s theme was Fashion Week. The attire was strictly formal. I had a vintage look with the curled updo, doily- inspired trimming and cream color. Props to mommy for an excellent job once again. 🙂