Tips on Rocking Your High School Prom

It’s that whimsical time of the year in a teenager’s high school life! Attending prom is one of the most memorable moments I had in high school. The creative, cheesy promposals; the search for the perfect dress and shoes, the nerves of dancing with your crush.. ooops. I’m found guilty of that, haha! Prom also serves as a good time to interact with your batch mates, form new friendships and practice proper etiquette. Without further ado, I present to you tips on achieving the night to remember.

This is what I wore to my last prom, ‘Elude’. Its theme was a vintage inspired version of Alice in Wonderland so I chose pale colors. I was crowned Best Dressed! More details here!
Dress according to theme. In my humble opinion, I believe your entire look during prom night would be 30% coming from your dress and the other 70% would be from how you wear it. What do I mean by this? Dressing according to theme will be additional prom vibes for you. Why? You’ll be more confident in carrying the entire look since you blend in. Make sure to ask your prom committee about your prom’s theme so that you won’t stand out (in an odd way)! Torn between wearing a cocktail dress and a gown? The length of your gown doesn’t matter as long as you’re very comfortable with it.

(From Left) ‘Magnifique‘ (circus-inspired theme prom) and ‘Sol Et Luna‘ (sun and moon inspired prom) both by Viktoria Couture and Designs!

Customized vs ready-to-wear. The perks of having customized gowns compared to purchasing ready-to-wear’s in most circumstances is that you have higher chances of achieving your dream look for prom since you tell your designer how you want it to look like. Ready-to-wear’s, however, saves the hassle and time of getting your dress done plus it also gives you a chance to explore and appreciate different designs in case you’re not particular with your gown’s details. Whatever you choose, I hope you achieve the look you want! (P.S. If you’re interested in having your gown made, Viktoria Couture & Designs would happily love to make that dream gown of yours come true!!!!!)

As seen on my post “Fearless“, shoes from Landmark. These are the shoes I also used in my last prom.
Oopsie Tootsies. You don’t need six inch stilettos or Cinderella’s glass slippers to dance your prom night away. The key to the perfect prom shoes is to be comfortable in them. If you’re worried about towering your date and everyone else, purchase shoes that have a maximum height of 2-3 inches. A tip to shoe shopping? Shop at night, best if it’s during weekdays and if your feet are tired! That way, when you try on your shoes, you know how “comfortable” it feels even if your feet are killed from all the standing, walking and dancing.

I decided to take my neighbor and former schoolmate Mico to my last prom so I came up with this crafty idea HAHAHA what do you think? =))

The Kilig Factor. Promposals would be a classic for this generation. Today, pairing up for prom isn’t just the typical “will-you-be-my-date” question and answer. Promposals are special ways on asking someone to be your date. Some can be cheesy, some can be simple and straight to the point, others may seem like a ‘mission impossible’ but throws off as a huge success. It’s not just the boys that ask girls to prom, girls can do the same too! When someone asks you, be genuine with your answer to his/her invite. When you ask someone out on the other hand, be prepared whatever he/she will answer!

Prom two years ago my friend Mike took me as his date, in fact he was my date also the previous year in his prom so I was really comfortable with having him around for the second time.
My barkada and our “dates” .. we’re lacking Anna and Yuri!

Dates or Mates? Bringing a date holds a bigger responsibility rather than going stag (no date). This would also mean that you have to let your date know in advance what color of dress you’ll be wearing so he’ll know what to get for your corsage; vice versa with you getting his boutonniere. Bringing a date means that you don’t and should NOT treat him/her as your personal assistant but see to that person as someone to enjoy the night with. This would also mean an opportunity for you to practice proper manners and good etiquette around the opposite sex. If you choose to go stag, that’s no problem either! Enjoy the rest of the night with your mates!

The Hunger Games. Catered food, ahh.. the smell of the hot roast beef and the abundance of dessert like Crème brûlée, strawberry shortcake, red velvet cake – wait. Prom is a great chance to try out lotsa GREAT food but don’t forget to only get what you can only finish. It’s embrassing to see some left overs on your plate, then comes that loud burp and a tummy grumble after that third round in the buffet.. ooops. Not a good scene to picture, especially around your date! Don’t forget your table manners, too!

with me is Sir Kris, my third year high school chemistry teacher. The prom previous to the one in this pic, I was his first student dance. In this photo, I was honored to be the first student he danced with again. He’s actually now my school mate in DLSU (he’s taking up his MA). 🙂

Dancing Queen. There’s no problem in ‘partying’  and dancing to the beat when the strobe lights are flashing but remember that it’s a school activity. Dance appropriately and have clean fun! You don’t want to be summoned to the principal’s office the following Monday for having party animal behavior, right? Worried of having two left feet for slow dancing? Even I had the worries of that at first. Just sway and move to wear the music and your partner goes and you’ll be fine! Be very casual.

Last, but not the least ..


Feel free to share your prom/grad ball thoughts and moments in the comment section below!