Dine With Ysabel: Balboa: Pizza, Pasta, Steak

It’s my very first time to enter the newest wing of EDSA Shangri-La and it very much reminds me of Harbor Shopping Mall in HK and I was in delight with everything that I saw. I spotted lots of shops that I’m unfamiliar with that makes my next shopping trip to Shang interesting; I get to discover more brands, stores and restaurants I could even recommend here in my blog. Balboa Italian Restaurant is just one of them. 

Outside the restaurant

My family and I arrived there on a Sunday in which we expected a lot of people at the mall. The space is quite narrow but my family and I were satisfied with the table given to us. I had to take a peak of the interior of the restaurant itself and as expected, had a short glimpse of Europe. Renaissance paintings, books on the shelf, a wine display and victorian seats. 








For some reason, we all craved for steak so we ended up ordering a US Angus Porterhouse but we each had different side orders. Everyone of us except my dad.


My dad ordered the US Short Ribs



Another rice discovery and fave! This Saffron Rissotto is rice mixed with cheese. Just like the previous Goodie Foodie post, this is something I could eat alone without the viand. It was really good but I found it too cheesy.

My brother Yan can’t live without french fries so he chose an optional side order to go with his steak (since it’s not part of the list of side orders to choose from).


My brother Ty had mashed potato as his side order. He said it’s sweet and tasty.

Food verdict: Sometimes it pays to listen to your cravings but in the end I was a bit disappointed because I realized I could have tried a different dish as steak can be found in most restaurants. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my meal! The steak was juicy and huge (for me) that it made Ysabelly full that I wasn’t able to order the Red Velvet or Salty Caramel Shake supposedly for my dessert. I’d love to try the other dishes there next time as something that isn’t really common or served in other Italian restaurants. But on the other hand, this resto’s a recommendation for new-comers of the new Shangri-La East Wing. The Saffron Risotto‘s definitely the highlight of my meal.

Balboa Restaurant
Open from Monday to Sunday, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Shaw Boulevard, corner EDSA, Shangri -La Plaza East Wing 4th level, 1552 Mandaluyong, Philippines
Facebook Page: Balboa, Pizza Pasta Steaks