My first outfit post for 2014!! Well, not exactly ‘cuz I was going through my folders here in the computer and I realized that there are photos that I forgot to blog about that dated way back in September.  I guess I was just really busy and pre-occupied with so many things! Oh well!

Viktoria Couture and Designs Dress
This is what I wore to my teammate (ice skating)’s debut last September. My mom surprised me this silky dress. I must admit it took courage for me to wear this since I can be pretty conservative which explains the title of my post. I hope I pulled it off though. What do you think?
Landmark Heels
Cartier Watch
Another reason behind the title of this post is that I am jamming to Taylor Swift’s old album, Fearless. I’m a big fan of hers and like most girls I can relate to her songs. Listening to these songs makes me reminisce my elementary and high school days. 
On another note, I’ve been helping my best friend Ica with her online shop. Please do visit Winsome Collection and check out some awesome finds! 🙂
Photos taken by Angela Alfonso