A Holly, Jolly Christmas House

Christmas this year was fun (I’ll blog about that soon!) but I’d have to admit that it took a while before the spirit sank in. It’s ironic because here in the Philippines, it is known to have the longest Christmas celebration in the world since it starts on September. Parol stalls are being set up, Christmas songs are being played at the mall which also means holiday sales or promos. This year ought to be different maybe because of the unfolding series of tragedies this year. However, it does not prevent the Filipinos from celebrating a good Christmas despite the huge amount of loss they had especially from Yolanda.
It may be really far from us having a white Christmas but our days can still be merry and bright! Yes, as early as September, Christmas decorations are being put up in homes already. Another addition to the Christmas spirit would probably be home decor. In the Recasata residence at Quezon City, you’ll definitely feel warm, fuzzy feeling of Christmas!
 Season’s greetings are in every corner of the house of the Recasata’s. Gingerbread men, wreaths, snowmen, Santa Claus and other figures are present to welcome visitors with merry cheer! You will definetly feel the spirit of Christmas inside the house. The decorations are collections of the owners over the years. Most of them are from Rustan’s, others are from Dapitan and abroad. Dra. Sheila “Gigi” Recasata, one of the owners, says that these are pieces that she has chosen for its uniqueness.
There are eight Christmas trees in the house, I was only able to take photos of five. Each tree had its unique size and decorated in different colors and ornaments. I think each tree describes the very colorful personality of Dra. Recasata or whom I call Tita Gigi.
These three machines are decorations that move and play Christmas music. Two of the pieces seated on top of the Christmas television are rides from a Christmas carnival while the Christmas television depicts a snowy, Chistmas scene on the mountains. There’s also a train that goes around as seen that there are railroad tracks.
Now THIS is a definition of a winter wonderland! I’d love to travel someday and experience a Christmas like this, especially ice skating on a frozen pond! Seeing these decorations reminded me of The Jubilee Express story of “Let It Snow” by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. Some pieces here move (like the ferris wheel and merry go round) and yes, they play Christmas music too.
Of course we shouldn’t forget the real meaning of Christmas, which is the birth of Jesus Christ. I like that there’s a special corner of the house specially saved for the Nativity. The colorful ornaments of the white Christmas tree make the portraying of Christ’s birth extra special. 
 Even from outside the house you’ll think of it as a Christmas home already. You don’t need to head over to the Ayala Triangle to watch a magnificent Christmas light show, it’s all right here outside the Recasata residence! Son of the owners Neo takes charge of the light synchronization that matches the Christmas songs being played. However, I was not able to snap photos of it because the lights were unavailable. 
Saw these snowmen sitting chilling in the bar. Too adorable!
The three rockstars here are ready to rock around the Christmas tree!
Nikki is the daughter of the owners and she is one of my old ice skating pals.
And here are the home owners! Dr. Jay and Dra. Sheila Recasata. They are also the owners of Faces and Curves. Thank you for the tour and having us at your place! 🙂

There’s a video of the mini “light show” here. Enjoy! 🙂