Fashion Friday (Episode 6)

So this is what I wore to the Zedd event last week! This is my Happy Thursday slash Fashion Friday outfit. My girls and I agreed to wear black so this is the outfit I came up with. I bought the peplum blouse and the heels at the last minute since my best friend Angela and I decided to shop at the day of the event itself. I brought accessories but being awfully forgetful, I forgot to pack arm candy! I opted to keep my outfit really simple since I didn’t want a bunch of accessories jumping along with me when we partied along.

Landmark Necklace
Forever 21 Peplum Top
American Eagle White Shorts
Forever 21 Bandeau
Forever 21 heels

My favorite part of its peplum top is the large slit at the back. Slits give that subtle, sexy effect; not too revealing but just right. I didn’t want to wear high heels either since I’m a total klutz and didn’t want my feet killed early, but apparently it did already just by lining up. Thankfully, I survived the night.

Can you see that even my environment’s Christmas-y? To be honest I’m not feeling the Christmas spirit. It comes back and goes away. For some reason.. I don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is my favorite season. Maybe it’s making me sad because of all the unfortunate events happening. The I’m still thinking of the victims that were stricken by Typhoon Yolanda. I still keep them in my heart and prayers.

Like I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’m extending my blog giveaway until Tuesday, December 24! This competition is open internationally. Hurry! Join now here!