Fashion Friday (Episode 5)

Fridays are free days! I certainly cannot wait for the term to end and spend the cozy holidays with my family and loved ones. Today, I spent my morning with my grandparents who just got back from the States, attended two meetings at the Fort in the afternoon with my mom and had food tasting at night. I felt like a navigator for the day and thankfully, I survived the day’s traffic. It’s getting worse each time, I must say.

 Since I was going to be meeting different people, I wanted to look posh and prim that could leave a good impression all throughout the day. Instead of the typical ballet flats, wedges or heels, I scored sandals instead. Besides, I wanted to show off my newly-poshed tootsies thanks to the pedi services of Posh Nails!
Guess Denim Jacket
Tory Burch Sandals
I swear, Guess has the best denim jackets ever. Ever since I was little all my denim jackets are made by Guess. I guess I could say it’s really made of good quality. These sandals are very comfortable too. I match with my cousin Jourdanne; her pair’s in black.
Landmark Necklace
Despite the simplicity of the outfit, I want my necklace to make a statement and do the talking. What first came to my head when I saw this? As weird as it may seem, ang halamat ng piña. (The legend of the pineapple). Read it all up here. 
Zara skirt
This skirt made me miss dancing ballet because of its tulle.
Louis Vuitton bag
Thanks to my grandma Del for the lovely gift! 🙂
Less than a month left before Christmas and I have started on my Christmas shopping already! Speaking of which, I’ll be holding my first ever blog giveaway SOON! It’s just a simple token for reading and visiting my blog throughout the year. My blog will be turning two years old next month, so more freebies await! Stay tuned!