Merry, Merry, Quite Contrary

Who would have thought that the year would swing by in a jiffy? It’s finally December, down to the last month of the year. Silver bells are ringing, Christmas decors are up on people’s houses, the sales are all over the malls and people are bringing in the holiday cheer (so does my dress, I suppose).

This is what I wore to my friend Snow Florendo’s debut. If her name sounds familiar, then yes, she’s been featured here in my blog before. I had a mini-photoshoot with here years back. (Click here to view). She’s one of my close friends from the upper batch in high school. Needless to say, I was one of the youngest ones in the pack last night but I didn’t feel out of place. πŸ™‚

The green’s, the red’s, the metallics are back for the holiday season. I chose green for my dress again! Don’t you think I’m promoting too much school spirit? Hehe.
This dress is made by my mom. I wanted front part of my dress to be the focus of the ensemble so I skipped the necklace and matched it with gold earrings instead. Do I look merry now? πŸ™‚
Viktoria Couture and Designs dress
Landmark Clutch
Celine Heels
Claire’s earrings

Normally, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in the Philippines. Last Thursday though, I was invited to have Thanksgiving dinner at my blogging/ice skating friendΒ Riana‘s house. That day I reflected on everything I am thankful for. I confess that this isn’t the best year for me. Either way I choose to look at it differently. Each of are blessed in special ways, no matter how big or how small. We may complain on the problems and things we have to deal with in life but in the end you’ll see the bigger picture.

I’d love to share a few things I’m thankful for:

βœ“ The people close to my heart: family, friends, teammates and coaches from Ice Skating and Animo Squad
βœ“ Getting in one of my dream schools, De La Salle University
βœ“ People from all over the world helping out those who suffered from Typhoon Yolanda
βœ“ A chosen delegate for the Liberal Leaders Summit
βœ“ Cheering halftime during the UAAP Season 76 (Men’s Basketball)
βœ“ A restored friendship from someone close to me in high school


I’d love to thank my blogging/high school friend Hershey Neri for taking these photos! We were first shy around each other when we were taking each other’s shots but we realized we share the same kind of “blogger problems”, so that closed it!

Happy birthday Bano!!! Hope you enjoyed your special day. >:D<