Blue has been my favorite color since I was little and it never changed. Now that I’ve been introduced to more colors, tints and shades, I now have a blue that’s my personal favorite which is mint, somehow a combination of light blue and light green. Because I wanted to save mint as the color of my gown for a very special event, the wait was worth it as I chose it for my grandmother’s 72nd birthday held last Sunday at Edsa Shangri-La. A reverie turned reality! The color is soothing, don’t you think? 

Mom’s jewelry
Speaking of the title, Reverie was also the name of the first junior-senior prom I attended two years ago also at Edsa Shangri-La AND at the same ballroom! I must say how enchanting proms can get, and how much memories you can create from them. It gave me that kilig feeling somehow back then (how high school, haha!). It seemed like it was just a dream; a reverie, an escape from reality. 🙂
My mom also made my cousins Jenin and Ysa’s gowns!! 🙂
My cousins and I had a surprise dance number for my grandmother so we danced to Bruno Mars’ funky Treasure. How do you think of the suits and bows on us girls? 😉
Happy birthday Lola Del! Thank you for everything. We hope you enjoyed our number for you. We love you!
Missing four of our cousins in the US + 1 who’s coming out soon on December!! 😉
Thanks to my brother Ty, cousin Jenin and mommy for taking the pictures here!! 🙂

  • What? Hold on.. Your mom made those gowns? Wow! 🙂 I love anything with a low back detail, actually, so I’m totes sold on yours.

    x Megann, Style Surgery

    • Yep, she did! Thank you for dropping by Megann! I’m a fan of your blog! ♡

  • What a beautiful dress made by your mom! 🙂

    Ericka of

  • I contacted the sellers for my dress, but they had it 2 sizes too big so hearing from all my friends they say you should always order big so i did, and within 3 days the dress was at my front door!