Minion Rush (Halloweekend Part I)

If Christmas was my favorite holiday, Halloween would come second. It’s the only time of the year when you get to dress up whatever and whoever you wanna be. A Halloween tradition I look forward to is Trick-or-Treating around the village. There’s this vibe to it that makes it so much fun, I guess it’s the environment, the kalesa’s, the food stalls and the large amount of Trick-or-Treaters.
Because I was just informed last night that my classes for this afternoon were cancelled, I had to scavenge stuff around my closet for a costume. This is the only one I came up with: a soldier!

Forever 21 Tank Top
Mom’s Belt
Silverworks Dog Tag
Maurices shorts
Dr. Martens Boots
What’s nice about this place is that everyone gives their full efforts for Halloween. Inflatables, Balloons, Home Decor, Food Stalls and even kalesa‘s (carriages) are around for everyone’s entertainment and convenience. 
This lifesized Minion is just too cute!!!
According to my high school classmate Karl, he came as.. Daniel Padilla. HAHAHAHA
Aren’t the Candy Crush decorations just adorable?
Off to the next Halloween event! Stay tuned!