Fashion Friday (Episode 4)

Now that Halloween’s just around the corner and the Christmas holidays are nearing, the skies turn pitch black dark even before 6pm! Just last Sunday I had the oddest feeling. My family and I had lunch at the mall and we opted to sit outside for fresh air. It felt festive in a way because of the Christmas songs being overheard from the speakers whilst a summerific atmosphere. This is just a sign that a vacation awaits me! (I’m half joking, I seriously want a break).

Sundays are also considered my dress-up days since I don’t really have to worry about fashion limits or prohibitions I have to stick to in school. This skirt’s been tucked in my closet for quite a while and I’m glad it still fits me and the length still appears to be just fine. I wanted to keep the balance on my outfit so I let the petal sleeves do the work for my plain top while my skirt and flats matched prints.
Shoeline by Matz flats
Bella Tella skirt
Blouse from Mommy
Omega Watch
Forgive me for my several poses but I really took advantage of the good lighting since I’ve been having difficulty in taking outfit shots lately due to the bipolar, unexpected weather. After all the typhoons that swept by, I felt glad seeing the sun’s shine peek through the trees. 
Allow me to share a nice quote I found in my mom’s Facebook since she’s fond of those: Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain. I tend to complain a lot if things don’t work out but this quote reminded me that I should still find joy and beautiful things in life to be grateful and thankful for. Life is full of surprises and you never know what it may give you. If it doesn’t give you what you want, who knows? Something better is yet to come for you. Now another typhoon’s here and I’m praying everyone’s safe and dry!