The Only Exceptions

Since not all my professors gave out final exams, my term break started Monday afternoon but I had to go back to school yesterday to take a final exam, so here I am enjoying the last two days of the term break until school resumes on Tuesdays  The first part of my term break was just dates with myself at home; completing final requirements, cleaning my room, playing the piano, reading books and blogs and catching up on movies and episodes I failed to watch. Thursday, I had my wisdom tooth at the bottom left removed and dang, was that the most painful tooth removal ever. I had fever for two days and my cheek swelled. I was feeling tad lonely at home but I also enjoyed staying at home for a week – I really missed my area and my bed!

H&M Top
H&M pants
Forever 21 flats
Best Loved by Hakeber Watch
Mom’s Gold Bangles
Claire’s Earrings
I’m still sick but I finally went out of the house to take my final exam and attend a surprise birthday party for my dad. Normally, I don’t wear printed pants but this high waisted pair was an exception. I also don’t wear pointed flats since my big toes get squished inside, making it uncomfortable. This pair too was an exception, in fact I found comfort in wearing them. I matched my outfit with my gold accessories; accessories that I would have gotten sick of wearing whenever my outfit’s got black and gold together. I think of it this way: the classic combination of black and gold is timeless .. and an exception. 🙂