Bloggers United 5: The Fashion Blogger Talk

Attending the Bloggers United 5 bazaar (see post here) wasn’t enough for my co-blogger and ice skating teammate Riana and I. We were itching to learn and experience more about the blogging works so we attended The Fashion Blogger talk where they covered all the howabouts and whatabouts.



 Lissa Kahayon and David Guison spoke for the first half of the program. 
 All people who are now big in the business came from humble beginnings. Lissa started posting her outfit photos in Chictopia to keep in track of the clothes she wore when she was still in college (she’s a Lasallian just like me!) and was eventually encouraged by her blockmates to start a fashion blog since they saw the potential in her. David, on the other hand, is originally a photographer. He posts his pictures on his Tumblr and that served as his online portfolio. Style too got the best of him and, eureka! A fashion blogger slash photographer was born. Just like a celebrity, they have projects and get busy! Life has totally changed for them because of their blogs but they still remain grateful and keep their feet on the ground. I share the same “fashion rule” with Lissa in repeating clothes. David gave tips in taking photos for your blog posts since they do create a big contribution to your posts.
Paul the PR Guy hosted the event. He is nice and an entertainer. He roamed around the room interviewing us attendees about our own personal blogs.
Blogger Ana Gonzales was there, too! 
Camille CoLaureen Uy and Kryz Uy tackled the second half of The Fashion Blogger. Their talk was majority on fashion – from dressing up for the right occasion, wearing print on print, accessorizing and even posing at the ‘right angle’ and time of the day for outfit shots. All three girls are such sweethearts and cuties. Something all three have in common is not just their bubbly personalities and their passion for fashion – their blogs first started out as projects in school but eventually decided to continue since they loved it. 
It was a dream come true to know more about the blogging business plus meeting my favorite bloggers for two days. One vital lesson I learned in this talk is that you should blog because you love it, not just for the sake of joining the bandwagon or for fame. Let’s face it, blogging has become popular in this century due to advancements in technology and today’s trends. Right from the beginning, I have set my personal intentions to creating this blog (you can check my About Me section about this) and I’m happy. No regrets. 🙂