Malaysia: Truly Asia (Day Three)

Third day of the Malaysia chronicles was spent at Ghenting Highlands and the Batu Caves. Ghenting Highlands is about forty minutes away from the city and is up in the mountains. To get there, you can go by cable car or go up the winding road just like the Kennon Road in Baguio City, Philippines. I love the cool climate there, it feels great to be away from the hot climate for a while. There are two amusement parks there – the outdoor and indoor. We weren’t able to try the amusement park’s rides because it was too foggy and it rained – bad timing! 

Batu Caves. This is the world’s tallest Murugan statue. These caves are also used for Hindu festivals and pigrimages. Tourists can also the ascend 272 steps on the left.
First World Hotel. Malaysia holds a lot of world records thanks to their tourist spots – don’t be surprised why tourism’s ranked second in contributing to the growth of their economy! The First World hotel holds yet another record for Malaysia by being the fourth largest hotel in the world (in terms of rooms). It has 6,118 rooms and according to a family friend, check in and check out’s crazy! How about room service? Nope, they don’t have it.
And my favorite part of Ghenting Highlands .. Snowworld! Braved through the -5°C auditorium in my shorts! Welcome to my palace .. winter wonderland! 
It wasn’t easy posing for the camera since I was freezing! 
Please excuse my ‘selfies’. Haha! Luckily the photographer was a Filipino so it was easy to coordinate with him!
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