TSMS HS Graduation 2013

Ysabel Viktoria S. Vitangcol
TSMS HS Graduate
Bronze in English Elocution
Class of 2013
The day finally arrived. The day I’ve been dreading for months, for weeks, for days. The day I never thought would come. The day that I’d take my final bow and kiss high school goodbye.
My heart raced faster after each passing hour. I was nerve-wracked. Butterflies were fluttering in my stomach. I was overjoyed. I did it. I conquered high school.
The ceremony started at around 4:45 pm. Our graduation was held at the new TSMS Dome. I’m proud to say that Class of 2013 is the first batch to graduate there!  My best friend Anna and my batch mates Yuri and Cholo beautifully sang ‘In Christ Alone’. At the same time, I was also praying that I wouldn’t mess up my Welcome Remarks speech, in which I would deliver after the doxology. Thankfully, I survived and delivered it in the best way I could!
When I received my diploma, I felt triumphant and victorious. I felt like I was on top of the world! In my mind, I was silently praising and thanking Him for being with me throughout my high school journey. Not only do I thank Him for conquering high school, but my parents as well. I prepared a rose and a letter with a picture with my parents on it saying my thank you’s. I got teary-eyed when I gave my tokens for them. I am very grateful for my mom and dad- for the love and support they’ve given me not just during high school but for the past 17 years of my existence.
I couldn’t help but get teary-eyed again (Yes. I’m a cry-baby!) when I sang the song of my alma mater. Throughout the four years, I sang it with pride. I even remember making actions for it during freshman year! Thankfully, I was able to hold back the tears when I sang our graduation song, “Like An Eagle“. It’s a really beautiful song. I also enjoyed listening to the speeches of my batch mates Andrea and Anna in which they recalled all the wonderful memories we had in high school, as well as watching the AVP video awesomely done by Louise, EG and Eunice. 
I will forever be grateful to my high school family- from the admin, to the staff, the teachers, the ate’s and kuya’s, my schoolmates, my batchmates- THANK YOU FOR THE BEST FOUR YEARS OF MY LIFE. I will never forget all of you. You will all have a special place here in my heart. 
“As I marched down the aisle earlier, cherishing my last few moments as a high school student, I could not help but feel triumphant and wistful. True to what they say that high school is a roller coaster ride, based on my experience, I could not agree more. It first starts with a big drop- this is the adaptation to change in a new environment called high school coming from the youngster elementary days. I vividly remember that day-June 15, 2009- when everything began, I was one of the several freshmen who were clueless newbies but knew no one but her cousin who was a newbie as well. Along the way, you’ll go through up’s and down’s which can either make you have a thrill of a lifetime or can make you sick. Annual school activities like the TSMS Fair, elocutions and class parties; arguments with peers, amusing class discussions, project and exam overloads are just the few factors that contribute to the greatest and best ride of a teenager’s life. Lastly, it’s a fast ride and doesn’t last as long as we wanted it to be. Speaking before you is a young lady who doesn’t want to leave high school just yet and I know my batch mates feel likewise.  It is truly difficult to let go, but life must go on. I know each of us have dreams we’d want to achieve and the Lord just wants us to go out there into the ‘real world’ and pursue them. With the right training and guidance from our parents and teachers, we will bear in mind and apply everything we have learned and will moreover treasure every memory in high school that will live in our hearts forever.” –an excerpt from my speech 
with my beautiful advisers!
T. Lailani Lundag (4B, my section)
T. Aileen Mabini (4A, my adviser when I was a sophomore)
That’s me delivering my welcoming remarks speech!
Pledge to my Alma Mater!
Like an eaglee I willl flyyyyyyyyy!
TSMS HS Batch 2013 
The awesome threesome!
(We’re missing Cynthia in the photo) 🙁
Guess what we were doing here? 😛
This is the third graduation photo together with my cousin Chelsea.
Every graduation, we get matching gifts!
For the first time, we’ll be separating, studying in different schools.
I wish you the best, Piglet!
Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean “I’ll miss you”, until we meet again. :’)
See you soon, TSMS!
Photo Credits:
Daddy Tan Vitangcol
Mommy Nancy Vitangcol
Vince Reyes

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