TSMS Pep Squad 2013

I’m a cheerleader in my school! Yep, aside from figure skating, I also love to cheer! To be honest, I only started cheering this school year. I’ve been wanting to try cheerleading for the longest time but they never had it in the schools I studied in elementary and (then) high school. Around June last year, when I heard that my school would be adding cheerleading to their extra curricular activities, I was enthralled and immediately told my best friend Ica that I wanted to try it out. She ended up being a part of the squad as well. 
I spent only nine short but meaningful months with the squad. We are called the “Patriots”. There’s around 40 of us, combining students from both elementary and high school. We have two moderators, Coach Bianca Gacad and Coach Thea Arpafo. We have a “special coach”, Coach Kristine Unas, who helps us with the stunts and liftings.
I had the craziest, wildest and most fantastic time with the squad. Nine months will never be enough for me – nine months of team work, cooperation, blood, sweat, tears, frustrations, laughs, cries, confessions and quality time – all worth it.  I am honored and blessed to be the first pep squad captain of my school- despite all frustrations and hardships that came my way all throughout, I’m still one piece, thankful and grateful for this family. I’m going to miss Tuesday, Thursday and Friday trainings, after-training treats at Mcdo, cheering during basketball tournaments, stretching and conditioning every lunch break during school hours, “prayer circles” with my lifters, leading the stretching and conditioning exercises, kulitan and heart to heart conversations with the members – last but not the least,  bleeding green, yellow and white. Yes, I really got some school spirit!
I’m going to miss you, Patriots. There will be no other squad like us. I hope to see you guys someday in the NCC! 😉
I really need to work on my straddles! Jumps have always been my weakness, even in ice skating.
My awesome and sexy coaches.
(L-R Coach Bianca, Coach Tin, Coach Thea)
These are the seniors of the squad.
(L-R Imee, Me, Kathleen and Ica)
With the awesome Sir Ching! He’s in charge of the dome/gym where we have our trainings.
Thanks for the support, Sir Ching!
Can you spot me? 🙂
My squad, my school, my pride.
Let’s go green, yellow and white! 
TSMS “Patriots” Pep Squad 2012-2013
Ica Babaran (Ass. Captain)
Diana Rimando
Fry Diño
Nathan Bostre
Wesley Guevarra
Gian Yadao


Abby Jarin
Alex Pacpaco
Cheska Uyvico
Dennise Lim
Elijah Mananghaya
Eloisa Harrison
Emy Todaka
Francine Murillo
Gabby Joaquin
Hanna Cabillon
Imee Fontillas
Izach Bravo
Jeric Santos (Drummer)
Jerome Robelo (Drummer)
Jorge Coquia (Lifter)
Josh Sianghio
Julianna Babaran
Kashmir Briones
Kathleen Crisologo
Katrina Ravela
Kyla Abadiano
Marti de Guzman
Miguel Joaquin
Nadine Milan
Neil Sandico (Lifter)
Paulo Angeles
Rammil Orenciana (Lifter)
Robert Pabiling (Lifter)
Sarah Baraquio
Selina Trinidad
Sofia Robin
Steph Battung
Tomas Coquia
Trystan Santos (Lifter)
Vincent Moleno (Lifter)
Zennia Capoquian

Photo Credits:
Coach Thea Arpafo