TSMS Prom 2013: Elude

MUA by Aikee Jairi
Photos by HG Studio
I love proms! I get dolled up and spend an enchanting, wonderful night full of dancing and savouring great food! Of course, a prom isn’t complete without your bestest buds and meeting new people. During formal events like these, one gets to observe good manners and proper etiquette.  Nevertheless, wherever we go or wherever we may be, we should still put our social graces to use! I spent my last JS Prom at the The Garden Ballroom, EDSA Shangri-La Hotel just like last year’s Magnifique.
This prom’s theme is quite similar to “Alice in Wonderland”. I’d have to admit that preparing for this prom was pretty stressful. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the night! Coordinating and meeting with the other members of the prom committee made me get to know each of them more. It was fun sharing ideas and making our plans come to life. My brother Tyron and I had prom on the same night. Even if my brother annoys me most of the time, I have to say that he looked pretty sharp for the evening. I guess I just can’t accept the fact that my brother’s growing up already. Hahaha!
 My date Mico was a real gentleman and fun to be with. He surprised me with roses in my favorite colors! We didn’t have a dull moment and I truly enjoyed the night with him. Mico is my neighbor and former classmate. 
What made prom this year special than the rest of the proms that I attended is handing over the key of responsibility to the juniors. It reminded me that passing on the key to future batches meant that us Seniors should remain good role models to them even if we graduate already. Watching videos about the batch made me realize that it’s really about time to leave my comfort zone soon- a lot DID change since my first day in high school. And there I was, viewing the videos one by one, reminiscing each high school memory that I’ll cherish and remember forever. 



This is my cousin Chelsea (first photo) and these are my friends (second photo) Louise, Kathleen and Karl (third photo).
Their gowns and suit were made by no other than Viktoria Couture! 🙂
I was surprised that I bagged the Best Dressed Award!
I thank my awesome mom for designing this gown.
This gown is officially my favorite. 
TSMS 4B (SY 2012-2013)
Hahaha, excuse the frame shape! 😛
This is a picture of me slow-dancing with the best Chemistry Teacher in the world, Sir Kris.
I shared my favorite moment with Sir Kris in this photo.
I am honored to be the first student he danced in last year and this year’s prom. :>
I’m going to miss attending JS proms once I’m in college! I wish I could go back to junior year where I can attend prom all over again!
Photo Credits:
Reimari Germar
Sir Aldwin Galicia
Pose and Print Photobooth
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    Do you have a picture of Ranz Ongsee?

  • I would recommend the designer over and over again to anyone. Despite the lovely dress, I couldn’t open my package same day because I was scared and you won’t believe how excited I was when I saw it.