iSave my iPhone 4s’ Life

When my dad went to the States this month for a business trip and asked me what my bilin was, I told him that I wanted a waterproof case for my iPhone 4s, since I would want to take photos underwater, like for example, if I’m in a pool party with my friends. When he came back, he did get my bilin and I was astonished with multi-purpose case he bought for me- not only was it waterproof, but it was also dirt proof, shock proof and snow proof! This astounding iPhone 4s case was no other than the Lifeproof case. My dad bought mine in pink, while he bought my mom’s in white.

So what I did, I tested it by throwing my phone to the swimming pool this afternoon and last Sunday…

My cousin Kuya DJ tried calling my phone, but he said that it cannot be reached.

Oh look, my best friend Anna texted me. 😀
The baby in that wallpaper is my cousin, Giuliana.


These two kiddos were surprised to see me “swim” with my iPhone 4s case so they asked me if my iPhone 4s’ case was waterproof.
They were just as amazed as I was the first time I tested it!
I admit that I have a bad grip, so I tend to drop my iPhone 4s often. Luckily, ouchie days for my iPhone 4s is over, all thanks to my Lifeproof case! Though I haven’t tried it in the snow nor dirt, I guess my Lifeproof case would be able to withstand them.

Thank you, Lifeproof case! I owe my iPhone 4s’ life to you. Haha!

Visit the official website of Lifeproof! 🙂