Travel With Ysabel: Thunderbirds Resort Rizal

School’s just around the corner, so I spent the last splash of the season with my friends from the ice skating rink. I was ecstatic to see them after a long time, especially one of my closest friends, Bea, who left for the States right after my Sweet Sixteen, and came back to Manila two days after I arrived there! We checked in at a small resort at Binangonan, Rizal called Thunderbirds and just stayed overnight. We just swam, played soccer, ate and took some photos there. The scenery from up there in Rizal was beautiful, it overlooks the city, the ocean and a lot of houses. 
I felt that the trip was too short and I wish I could stay at the resort longer and spend more time with my friends. I started and ended the summer with a bang and I figured it was one great summer. Cheers to everything that had happened for the past two and a half months! Hello senior year in two days!



























Other Photo ©redits
Have you noticed my blog’s new look? My photos used here in this Blogspot were taken a Thunderbirds. What do you guys think? 🙂

If you may have also noticed, I added a new feature on the left side of this site- a poll! Every month, I’ll change the question and you guys could get to answer it! Don’t worry, this doesn’t require giving out of personal details or even names whatsoever.