One of the things I looked forward to in coming back to the Philippines from the US was seeing my friends. When I was still in the States, I heard bad news that one of my closest friends, Reimari, got confined in the hospital for she was diagnosed with appendicitis and needed to be operated on. She was still in deep pain on the day my friends and I visited her because it was the day after the surgery, thankfully she felt better and happy when we came over. We spent about an hour or two in her room, trying to make her smile and keep her company. Sadly, she won’t be able to join us on the first week of school next week, but of course, her health should be prioritized first so she’d heal faster and feel better. (Readers, please pray for quick recovery for Rei..)

Another thing would be preparing myself for the incoming school year- which would mean school supplies shopping and notebook decorating. Every last week of May or first week of June, I’d always accompany my mom to National Bookstore to buy the required materials I needed for the school year. Classes would start a week from now, and it will officially be my last year in high school. I’m feeling a mix of emotions- which would mean one last year with my classmates and teachers, one last year in my “comfort zone”, and after ten months fly by, which I know that it would be pretty fast, it would be kissing high school good bye and hello to the college world!

Every school year, since first year high school, I always decorate the cover and the back of my notebooks. One thing is for certain, is that I am a notebook lover. I have a collection of them, ranging from different shapes and size- diaries, journals, notepads, address books, slam books, and more. I use the same kind of notebooks every school year, and its size is actually bigger than the standard spiral notebook. I find the bigger ones easier to work with because one, designing would be less limited because I had more space and two, I have big, fat handwriting. 

My First Year Notebook.
Old magazine pages

My Second Year & Third Year Notebook.
Actually, this is my notebook last school year. The design I had for  sophomore and junior year were similar- gift wrapping paper and pictures of me with my friends and family.

Since this would be my last school year decorating notebook covers for high school, I wanted something that I’d make straight from scratch. So I decided to use paint and manila paper for my notebook cover and back designs. I’m not much of an artsy type of person, but I just went with the flow; whatever I felt like doing with the paint and paintbrush. As a child, I really loved painting.

This school supplies shopping this year, was pretty different. My friends Anna, Louise, Pat, Trystan and Karl, the same friends who were with me when I visited Rei, accompanied me to National Bookstore to go school supplies shopping. They were kind and helpful and it was fun! Thanks a lot, buddies!
This school year’s labels

Handprints.  This is my favorite design. Please excuse my “jejeness” in the last picture, haha! I just loved the outcome of the purple when I mixed the paints. 😛

Quotes. I wrote down some quotes to motivate me to push and go harder with my work. Maybe I should use these notebooks for the subjects I have difficulty in. Haha.

Strokes. Random strokes here and there. The notebook in front looks kinda looks like fireworks to me. It’s smaller in size because that’s my math notebook.

Leaves. Christmas last 2004, instead of buying gift wrapping paper to wrap presents, we used manila paper with leaf prints instead. More eco friendly and the design’s quite unique. ;D

What do you guys think? 🙂 Are they “note-worthy?” 🙂