Travel With Ysabel: Seaworld in San Diego, CA

The title of this blogpost seems ironic, doesn’t it? Normally, a murderer kills a person because he/she feels something against the other, right? It’s usually out of anger, jealousy or selfishness. This kind of “killer” I’m talking about is not a human, rather, a marine animal, no other than a KILLER WHALE! It’s not what you think it is, killer whales are actually friendly! Just don’t mess around with these fellows, they could go really wild! As of the moment, these marine creatures are not endangered. However, other species of our marine friends that can be found at the park such as the Amazon river dolphin, Hawaiian monk seal and the Florida manatee can pass out in a couple of years- in other words, extinction.  As children of Mother Nature, our duty is to protect and preserve our planet, including our animals! As more and more decades pass, more and more animals become endangered, and eventually, extinct. This is the cause of our own doing.   That’s why every tiny thing you could do for the planet such as proper disposal of garbage and tree planting counts! Animals die not just because they get killed but also due to the loss of their habitat (e.g. deforestation, oil spills) That’s why every little thing you could do for the planet such as proper disposal of garbage and tree planting counts!
Anyway, just last week, my family and I paid a visit to SeaWorld at San Diego. Inside the water park are not just waterfalls or water loos, but marine animals! My family and I watched a sea lion show, a dolphin show, a pet show, and one of my favorites, Shamu the Killer Whale‘s show! We also went to the starfish petting zone, played some games, rode some rides that made us wet and went to museums there. I am amazed at the killer whales, sea lions, dogs, cats, pigs, kangaroos, birds, dolphins and even human acrobats that showcased moves and tricks, all thanks to the friendly and patient trainers! Most of the animals at SeaWorld are either rescued and found stranded along San Diego’s shoreline or adopted from an animal shelter. It’s sad that these poor animals had a poor beginning, but right now, I am sure each and every one of them feel happier, safer and healthier at SeaWorld. 
We were at the “soak zone” so we got wet!



My brother Yanboy was blessed that he got the chance to interact with the dolphin!
Chelsea and I won Minions!
Every bit helps. Protect, preserve and save these animals before it’s too late.