Travel With Ysabel: Hollywood, CA (I) 2012

Are you that type of person who loves watching films? I’m not much of one; but I’ve been involved with the movies and the works for the past two days! My family and I spent two days with my Uncle Jake (my dad’s brother)’s family, along with my cousin, Chelsea, at Los Angeles, California. Even if we had a small amount of time to spend with them, I cherished each moment I had and still enjoyed the short stay at LA.
MAY 22. We had a two hour drive from San Diego to LA. My tummy was grumbling since I did not have breakfast that morning. My Ninang (godmother) Mausy and Uncle Jake were there to welcome us to their home in LA. Just right when we were about to leave to eat out, my cousin Kuya Nico arrived from school. Chelsea and I accompanied him to pick up his two siblings, Kuya Keno and Miracle from their school; while Ninang Mausy and the rest of my family picked up Mari from her school, and we all headed to the Thai Original Barbeque restaurant, the best Thai restaurant in LA. Uncle Jake was unable to join us for lunch because had some errands to finish at work, and Kuyas Nico and Keno followed there to help him out. I ate a lot of delicious Thai food, I was stuffed and satisfied! The food was served pretty fast, just enough to keep my grumbling tummy waiting.
From there, we went to Eva’s Lechon. This business happens to be owned by my Ninang Mausy’s mom. We went to the back where we saw Uncle Jake, Kuya Keno and Kuya Nico working. I also got a chance to help out at Eva’s Lechon last 2011 during Christmas evening. I helped out in delivering orders and “wrapping” the lechon in the box. I pitied the poor, dead pigs, but I realized that their meat is what satisfies my tummy when served (lol!). 
With my cousins Kuya Keno, Kuya Nico and Miracle! (Mari not pictured)
Chelsea and I had almost matching outfits!
My brother Yan helping Kuya Nico carry the lechon to the freezer
In the evening, we went to Vineland to watch a movie OUTDOORS! It was my first time to experience this and it was cool! There are four large screens in four different areas- more like parking lots, that display the four latest movies. For the audio for the movie, the staff would give a certain radio station to tune in so we could hear it. We chose The Dictator, starring Sacha Baron Cohen. The movie was hilarious. We bought some take out food from Yoshinoya and  brought some chairs, pillows and blankets. Dad’s cousin, Ninang Anni’s family was there to join us too. During the movie, I also got the chance to see a shooting star for the first time! Because I got too stunned, I forgot to make a wish!
MAY 23. Us kids went to Universal Studios Hollywood, while the parents did some shopping. Kuya Keno and his girlfriend Angela had school but decided to use up their Senior Ditch day, a day when a senior could ditch one day of school. From school, Kuya Nico followed to Universal Studios. It was a pretty hot day and there wasn’t much people. We rode plenty of rides- such as The Mummy, Transformers 3D, Jurassic Park and Krustyland, but my favorite one was the Jurassic Park ride which was a water ride. My cousins, brother and I got wet, but we enjoyed it and rode it twice. We were able to watch Shrek 4D and meet some characters from the movies Universal Studios produced!  Funny how my brothers, cousins and I survived the House of Horror- we scurried the whole house in one line, that we looked like a caterpillar!
Dora & Diego
Bart & Lisa Simpson
A view of Hollywood
The Mummy
Seems like the Mummy’s attracted to Yaya Julie……. hmmm 😉
Our faces.. lol
The Lorax
Okay, the history behind this photo?  This Dracula’s American, and he knew I was Filipino. When I asked him if he’d bite me, he said he doesn’t bite during the daytime, but remarked that “Filipinos are MASARAP“. I don’t know if I should get freaked out with what he said or get amazed that he knew I was Filipino and spoke a Filipino word.

The “So-Fluffy-I’m-Gonna-Die” unicorn of Agnes (Despicable Me) was too adorable.
Chelsea and I loved watching Dr. Seuss and reading his books growing up.
Outside Universal Studios Hollywood was Citywalk and we took a stroll there. 
Chels & I bought matching earrings- hers in blue, mine in pink for a change.
We even wore a blouse with a similar style.
It’s a small world!
I happened to see my neighbors Abot and Janine Monroy.
It was really funny because we don’t get to see each other in the neighborhood,
but we knew each other way before
because the Monroys used to go to the same school as we do.
Tried Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream. De-lish!
we had appetizers at Bubba Gump. That’s the time we found out Philip Philips won
American Idol’s Season 11!
That same night, from Universal Studios, we headed home to San Diego.
Thanks for the fun and hospitality, Uncle Jake & family!
See you in the Philippines soon!