Travel With Ysabel: De-yo, We’re The Silverios (II)

With my aunt Jen and my Uncle Ben at the background
❝’Ohana‘ means family. 
‘Family’ means, nobody gets left behind-
or forgotten. ❞ 
-Lilo & Stitch (2001)
After the wedding (check out Jiao-Soledad Nuptials!), the Silverio siblings decided to make the reunion “official” by spending a Saturday afternoon at Mission Bay park! It was pretty hot in the morning, but when I got to the park, I started to shiver as the wind blew! It was sunny; but at the same time, it was windy and cold at the park! Luckily, I brought a jacket along and of course, I couldn’t forget the *favorite* hat I purchased at Payless at San Ysidro (after I bought the hat, I started wearing it everyday, lol) as well as the sunnies I bought at Walmart last December. 
We spent the entire sunny afternoon there. Aside from the family members of the Silverio clan, there were also family friends who also came. We played piñata and limbo– and there was also a “flexibility showdown” too! My cousins Nina, Sophia, Moira, Chelsea, my aunt Jen and I participated as we showcased our flexibility skills. My uncle Marlon, being a recording artist, sang some songs with his guitar and mic that he brought. He was totally prepared and he sang so well. Because of the beautiful weather along with quietness and serenity at the park, I almost fell asleep under the shady tree under the blanket my Tita Ruby brought along. 
Before calling it a day, we took a group picture of the clan. Just looking at the picture, I can’t believe how big the clan is- and the fact that we even 28 members are not present! No matter how far one Silverian is, he/she will ALWAYS be family to us and will never be forgotten. It was indeed nice spending time with family- especially relatives you haven’t seen for a long time. I felt honored being a Silverian- even if I didn’t have a “Silverio” in my name, I am proud to have its blood and qualities. Everyone in the family felt so loved and welcomed- no one was left out.  Everyone had a good time and everyone got along with one another too. It was a family afternoon full of laughs and smiles and one big happy reunion.
Teaching baby Giuliana how to walk!
Snowcone tastes good! Want some? (;
My cousin Moira and I got snowcones!
Baby G wanted some from me, too 😛
My cousin Anikin filled his candy bag- err, tummy candy bag, right away!
Poor Pikachu.
My cousin Nina’s the most flexible one in the family!
Nina and her sister Sophia
Uncle Marlon jamming with his daughter Moira
Soledad couples!
My brother Ty, my cousin Chels and I were amazed to see the colorful ice cream truck!
Later in the evening, my brother, cousin and I accompanied some of our Silverio uncles and aunts to the cinema to watch The Avengers. We had difficulty in getting tickets because it was still sold out, even on its second week since it premiered! I guess the ticket box office sales are really high. Anyway, I watched the movie two days before we left Manila and in my opinion, it’s a GREAT movie. Oh, and did I mention that Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemworth’s adorable and dreamy? Captain America is my favorite hero, I like Thor’s personality, I admire Iron Man for his strength and valiance, I love Hawk Eye’s “eagle eye”, I love Black Widow’s kick-ass girl power and I like The Hulk’s intelligence.
I enjoyed watching the movie AGAIN because I watched it with an uncle who knew a lot about Marvel superheroes. I asked him several questions behind the stories of some superheroes and villains and I was able to ponder more into the concept of The Avengers. I am very much looking forward to the sequel of the movie.
Sunday well spent with the family. I love my family!
Photo ©redits:
Tita Jen Arocena
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