Travel With Ysabel: De-yo, We’re The Silverios (I)

The “California Girls” lol
Going back to the United States for the second time this year (Check out Party in the USA!) is indeed something I am really thankful for. The last time I was here was during the Christmas season, with the Bautista clan. I’m back in California- because my mom’s brother’s getting married! This trip was something I was really stroked for because 1), I’m excited by the fact that my uncle’s getting married and 2), the Silverio clan, the maternal side, would have a grand reunion! It has been TEN years since the clan has gotten together! Most of the relatives are actually based in California while other Silverio relatives are flying down to the West Coast- some are from Chicago and Philadelphia. The rest of the members of the clan, which includes my family and my mom’s two sister’s families, flew all the way from the Philippines! It’s a lot of fun seeing the family ALMOST complete- some members of the clan sadly couldn’t make it.. I wished those who were “missing in action” were there to feel the same fun I had.
My family, along with Yaya Julie, and my mom’s sister Audrey’s family flew to the States together while my mom’s other sister Emily and her family flew a few days behind us. It was funny how we all reacted to seeing the San Diegan relatives when we got here- we all started hugging, crying and screaming at each other! Others who flew from Philadelphia were in San Diego already. It was indeed a joyous celebration seeing everyone together, getting along and having a good time.
For the past week I had so far in San Diego, California, we did preparations for the wedding as well as some shopping. So far, I am REALLY enjoying my stay here! I’m itching for more family bonding and fun! Check out the photos below! (;
Taken at the Incheon International Airport in Korea!
Korea was our stopover then we flew to LAX.
On the train going to the other side of the airport!
First night in San Diego. Welcome “home”!
Good morning, San Diego!
With my cousins Anikin and Giuliana
I love California’s weather. Not too hot not too cold either.
Mother’s Day Lunch @ Tita Zeny’s place
Cutie baby Giuliana eating a strawberry
With my cousin Gab who’s too focused on playing with his toys.. hihi
Strawberries dipped in chocolate. <3 THEY’RE SO YUMMY!
Strawberries are my favorite fruit. (:
My uncles Ben, MIchael and Dennis!


Another family night at the house!
Before going to the outlet @ San Ysidro!
Anikin at the Nike outlet in the ball pile
My cousin Anikin wanted Thomas the Tank Engine toys so we paid a visit to the toy store!
I haven’t been to this Toys R Us branch since 2005. That time, my brothers and I had a picture in front of the store, so we decided to make a “before and now” one, so we had a photo taken in front of the store when we were there!
The Cellphone Challenge.
Everyone on the table which consists of my cousin Ate Jourd, my uncles, aunts and of course, me, had to place his/her cellphone on the table for the rest of the evening until everyone needed to go home to see who could survive the rest of the evening without a cellphone. Luckily, I survived! (I’m a Facebook/Twitter addict; plus my phone’s the one in red haha)
Shopping at the premium outlets in Cabazon.
I didn’t expect it to be really HOT there, the heat there felt like I was back in the Philippines!
My cousin Ate Jourd and I purchased the same shoes! Hers in black, mine in light brown.
My cousin Anikin enjoyed riding this Winnie The Pooh ride. He invited my brother and I to ride with him ‘cuz he needed company. Haha!
Cousin Anikin goofing around
Wedding preperation time!
My cousin Chelsea loves the flowers. 
The day before the wedding, we ladies had some nail pampering at the Vivid Nails salon!

Stay tuned for my next blogpost about my Uncle Macky’s wedding!


Photo ©redits:
Tita Ruby Longid
Chelsea Magbanua (Instagram: @flutterchels)