Uniquely Singapore: Day I

I was enthralled when my parents told my brothers and I that our relatives from the Bautista and Vitangcol clan would be spending the weekend at Singapore City! I’ve been to Singapore twice, last 2003 and 2004 consecutively, both for competitions in ice skating. Singapore is known for being a ‘fine‘ city, and yes, I’d have to agree on that! It’s a small country, but it’s very civilized and clean. Rules are strict and fines are implied for offenses done. We spent three days there (April 21-23) and we checked in at Marina Bay Sands hotel – one of the best hotels I’ve ever checked in at! There was about 48 of us in the clan who came to the trip so it was so much fun! Singapore holds numerous records of having the World’s Tallest Flyer, the World’s Tallest Swimming Pool, the World’s First Night Zoo and more! Singapore is also known to be Asia’s Dining Destination. The food was so SCRUMPTIOUS! I was really impressed with this country and I surely enjoyed my short stay there. If I was given a choice to migrate to a country in Asia, I’d definitely pick Singapore hands down.
We arrived at Singapore around noon time, and I was disappointed that it was raining. The first thing I did when I got there was eat Chicken Curry from the nearby cafe at the Changi International Airport since I was starving! Their Chicken Curry is delicious! It’s a bit spicier than the typical way of how Filipinos prepare it.
We then headed to the hotel to check in our stuff and go fifty seven flights up to the Sands Skypark! Located there was the world’s tallest swimming pool which is 200 m above the ground and you can a breath taking view of Singapore from there. We also had some merienda at Skypark’s The Chocolate Bar and that’s when I also savored the BEST pastry I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. Sadly, I forgot what the pastry is called. When we finally settled, some of  my cousins and I, along with some of the parents strolled some parts of Singapore. We took a taxi to see a better look of the Merlion, Singapore’s icon. From that point we also saw how beautiful our hotel was! 
We also walked all the way where the Singapore Flyer was, the world’s tallest flyer! Going upstairs was a mini museum that has some tidbits and trivia about the Singapore Flyer. Mom and I  faced our fear of heights when we rode the Flyer. The Flyer soars a stunning 165 m from the ground. Being up there in the flyer, you can see a spectacular view of Singapore city.
From there, we walked on the Helix Bridge, one beautiful, spiral shaped bridge in Singapore connecting from the Marina South to the Marina bay area. My cousins, brothers, the parents and I didn’t notice that we walked 10 kilometers for the past four hours, according to my ninong‘s pedometer that was recording how far we were walking the whole time! My feet felt so sore and they hurt a lot already. We went to The Shoppes at Marina Bay sands and guess what we saw- a SKATING RINK! I was thrilled to see a ice skating rink there, at least, that’s what I thought.. not to know that the rink’s surface was made of PLASTIC, not ice! My cousin Bolek and I tried it and we both had great difficulty skating to a surface made of plastic, which is ironic- because blades and plastic are complete opposites!
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  • Anonymous

    The skating rink is made of glass… Nice pics, Ys!

    • Hi there, thank you! According to the lady behind the counter, she said it’s made of plastic.. =)))))) Thanks for the info and I’m glad you enjoyed viewing them! 🙂