My Sweet Sixteen Party

In my previous post, I stated why March is my favorite month. Here’s another reason why:

2) It happens to be my birth month. I was born on the 25th of March in 1996 at 5:39 am. That same day, in the afternoon, my great grandfather (my dad’s grand father), Francisco M. Bautista, passed away. According to my dad and my grandmother, my Lolo Tatay (what we call him) was a great man. He is kind and forgiving, too.  He was born to a poor family on October 4, 1914. He got the chance to go to school but was only able to finish until the fourth grade. When he quit studying, he became a helper (mixer of gravel and sand) in a construction zone. Lolo Tatay is actually the founder of the St. Peter Life Plan Inc.,, a pre-paid deathcare company, which offers traditional and affordable life plans to all segments of the society, in which he founded in 1970. Today, his 8 children and some of his grand children work for the company. Every year, on his death anniversary, we commemorate his death and remember all the good deeds he’s done and the memories he left behind. The Bautista and Vitangcol clan celebrated Lolo Tatay death anniverary at Himlayan Pilipino on March 11, 2012.

The Vitangcol and Bautista clan. The clan’s not complete because our other relatives are in the US.

On March 24, I threw a Sweet Sixteen party! I had a lot of fun! It was nice seeing reuniting with the people that I love- gradeschool batchmates, highschool friends, ice skating friends, my childhood friends and of course my family. The theme of the party was Black and White- so everyone had to come in Elegant Black while I dressed in white. πŸ˜‰ It was the best birthday ever and a night I’ll never forget.

Thanks to SugarBox Cakes for my cute cake!

Big thanks to my Tita Pia and my mom for decorating the room!

My giveaways- a CD with two remixes, one hour each, and inside each tiny paperbag is a small, black grooming kit! Thanks mommy!

(From left to right)
Tita Alona (for the food)
Tita Pia and my mom [who is beside me] (for organizing my party)
Ate Jourd (for hosting my party with her fiance, Kuya Kim)
and of course, Mommy- for making this party possible!

Getting a hug from one of my good friends, Style!

Fresh HS graduates Jaime and Ren- both are good bboy dancers!

Fresh HS graduates Madel and Lyn!

With Audrey, Emee and Vince- one of my skating pals!

Beside me is my cousin Chelsea, on front are my best friends Julienne, Nixie and Mara!

Good old grade school friends Julia Baretto and Ella Pangilinan!

With my “babygirl”, Czarina! 

With my HS guy best friend, Mike!

With Cynthia and Anna- one of my closest friends in class! Actually, Anna has been my best friend since freshman year (I’m an incoming senior).

Some of my batchmates from grade school! I graduated from The Learning Tree batch 2008-2009.
From L-R: Me, David, Dan, Diego, Jed, Julienne, Nixie, Mara and my cousin, Chelsea!

With my grandfather Roger and his sister, Tita Mimia!

With some of my  cousins and my brothers!
(L-R) Yanboy, Chelsea, Anika, Tyron, Josh (seated), Jacob, Anikin and Jacqui!

With cousins Ysa, Janel, Jenin and Bolek!

With high school friends Ate Pauleen, her sister Imee, Bea, Kim and Chelsea!

With Emee, Jana, Audrey, Vince and Ate Leslie! Skating pals!

My name and the stage/platform πŸ™‚

With the Baretto sisters and Ella!

With my close friend Rei, who’ve I’ve known since freshman year!

With cousins Jenin, Bolek and best friend Ica and Cynthia!

With Vince, Ate Leslie, Model Ashleigh, and her bro Malcolm!
Striking a pose again! Thanks to Viktoria Couture & Designs for my dress!

I sang three songs- A Thousand Years (Christina Perri), The Only Exception (Paramore) and For Good (The Wicked). I also sang duets with Style- Collide (Howie Day) and Pico- Can I Have This Dance (High School Musical 3).
With my big cousin, Bolek! (He’s 6’5 Β½” tall!)

With cousins Yankee and Jenin!

With friends Style and Bianca!

Skaters from my “generation” reunite! 
(L-R)- Chabi, Nadine, Riana, Julia, Pat, Pau, Lianne, Beaf and Vince!

With me is Pau, one of my closest pals from the rink back when we were little. She was also my partner in “couple” events- Couple Technical, Jump and Spin, etc!

With my Tita Jackie Forster and my brother Yanboy!

With childhood friends Jessica, Pierce and Angela! Beside me is their mom, Tita Lizette!

My cousin Ate Jourd and her fiance Kuya Kim hosted my party!

Ate Jourd’s bro Kuya DJ prayed for the food and for me!

With my handsome daddy! Thank you daddy for making my party awesome and possible!

My uncle York made some remarks or a “welcome speech” and said some things about .. me!

These beautiful women and girl are my parents’ barkada! With me is my mom, Tita Yen, her sister Tita Jane, Tita Jane’s daughter Pia and Dad!

A candid shot of me laughing!

Getting a hug from Maemae- a good old skating pal of mine! She is one of my first friends in the rink when I started out πŸ™‚

With high school friends Sho, Mico, Alec and Patrick!

Wardrobe change! Thanks to Viktoria Couture & Designs for this dress too!

With classmate Manuel, friend Mike and classmates Cynthia and Anna!

With childhood friends Angela, Jessy, Bianca and Princess!

With my close friend Bea from HS πŸ™‚

There was actually a dance battle! Here are Angela and Jaime doing their dougies πŸ˜‰

With Coach Jerico, Chelcie and Coach Dale (at the back), Denz and Angela, my best friends and my coaches in the rink!

Angela and I did some catwalk πŸ˜‰

Thanks to one of the photographers there, Tito Peter Ong!

With Pierce, Tito Jestoni Alarcon and his wife, Tita Lizette!

With Alec, Mike, Ren and Style- my HS friends! All are fresh graduates πŸ˜‰

Sixteen wishes!

One of my wishes granted- a twin. πŸ˜‰

Best birthday ever! βœ© Thanks also to Party Treasures PhotoBooth for the photo!

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    Great party, Ysabel!

  • I like the setup of your birthday venue:) where is this place?:)