Brace Face Free!

Upon my visit to the dentist around six summers ago, she told me that I needed to wear braces for the upper and lower panel of my teeth. All my teeth were “permanent”, no cavities nor whatsoever were at sight; my teeth were in good condition,  and she figured I’m ready to wear these “glued-on train tracks”. I had more teeth than the usual number and I had a terrible overbite. Not knowing the pains and setbacks of wearing these “metal mouths”, I immediately, and excitedly, agreed.

I had my braces for the upper panel on June 2, 2005; and for the lower panel, I got them five days after I got the upper’s. I did not experience that much pain for the first few days in my upper panel, but when the lower was applied, it felt so painful that I could not eat well. My teeth quickly moved and I got a fever for a few days.

Just like any normal person who have worn braces, we have common experiences: been teased “brace face”, for every new adjustment for my braces comes pain and quick movement, getting ulcers, getting food stuck in between the wires and brackets, (worse, BUBBLEGUM), choosing the colors for the rubber bands for every dental visit, and for others whose teeth like mine require more adjustments: tooth extractions (I had four extracted: two for the upper and two for the lower), “pain-chains”and rubber bands. I also had a minor surgery in the upper panel of my gums.  For six and a half years, I have withstood each and every scourge and pain these “metal mouths”have given. All throughout, I knew that in the end, the moment these “metal mouths” get removed, it would be worth it- my teeth would look better, and I would FEEL better. And I was right. It WAS worth it.

Through the years, I was hoping and praying that THE day, my braces would get removed, would come soon. Some of my family members and friends got braces earlier than me, and I’d enviously watch them grin brace-free. The Lord answered my prayer last Tuesday, March 6th. Upon visiting my dentist, she proclaimed that my teeth were good enough and my braces could finally be removed. Inside, in my heart, I was jumping with joy and it felt so GREAT. I felt great RELIEF. I had to come back two days after because my dentist had to have my retainers prepared. Two days after, March 8th, I bid my braces goodbye. At first, it felt like I had no teeth! It felt great smiling CONFIDENTLY, brace-free. It felt great that everything done to my teeth paid off. It was wonderful to see a better arc of my teeth. It was indeed a SWEET gift my dentist could give for my sixteenth birthday which would be on the twenty fifth of this month. 🙂

About a month after I got my braces (July 2005)
Third Grade.. =)))

Braces-free! 🙂 (March 9, 2012)
Third Year High School =))

Click for a better look!
Before …. and After!

Great big thanks to Dra. Ana Montilla, Dra. Wedy Bergonia and Dra. Marilyn Flores for patiently fixing my teeth!! 🙂

  • I’m jealous!! Now I want to get braces!! 🙂
    Your teeth are soo beautiful!

  • Thank you, Hershey! >:D< I remember reading your tweets last year (summer?) that you’d get braces na.. what happened? :/ I hope you get them soon! I’m sure you’ll get beautiful teeth in no time! 😉 The pain will be worth it 🙂