Magnifique (TSMS Prom 2012)

Every high school’s student’s dream is to have the perfect prom- A “fun, happy, memorable, enchanting, magical and an unforgettable night to remember”. After attending two JS proms, Reverie (2011) and Sol Et Luna, so far, I think Magnifique is the BEST prom ever. This happened last Saturday, February 25.

My date, Michael, a senior from my school (note: I was also his date at last year’s prom Reverie, I was only a sophomore back then) picked me up from my house with a large bouquet of roses to give to my mom as well as a corsage for me. With him was his sister Ate Mary and her friend. We went off to the venue, EDSA Shangri-La hotel. We feared for the traffic (prom starts at 7:00, but we were planning to go as early as 6:00 pm for The Walk) since that day was EDSA day and the venue was at that area. Surprisingly, there was no traffic at all! We were shocked, but relieved that we would not be able to get caught up with all the honking and still cars that would not move for a couple of minutes, or worse, hours. 

When we got there, there were other unfamiliar teenagers our age that were wearing suits and dresses too. It turned out that their prom was going to be held at the same hotel as well. Other “Seedlings” (what students from my school are called) were there already at the lobby. We greeted everyone there and we met up with Mike’s best friend, Jaime and his date, Czarina and all four of us went upstairs to the prom venue together. We started off greeting the teachers and admin as well as the other students there and fell in line at the photobooth. Soon, more and more excited and nervous Seedlings, along with their dates arrived. The walk began as soon as many students crowded the “lobby” next to the Garden Ballroom, where the prom itself was held. Mike and I made our entrance, smiled at the teachers who were watching us, and stroke a pose and the end of the “runway”. 

The prom began on time. Food was sumptuous, and the program just kept going, everything was great.  There were different lights of different colors that gave contrast to the Garden Ballroom. On the stage were the decorations my class and I made weeks before prom. Placed in each table were pinwheels that served as a souvenir for everyone, as well as a paper lantern (that was given away at the end of the prom). Everything looked fantastic. Everyone was stunning in their lovely gowns and suits. My best friend, Anna, as well as Mike with the rest band performed songs. Other bands played many songs and that’s how the dancing “jumped” in right away at the program. Mike and I slow danced to several songs, one of my favorites, Breakeven (The Script), A Thousand Years (Christina Perri) and The Man Who Can’t Be Moved (The Script, again… YIHEE!! I’m kidding.) By the time the fast and upbeat songs were blasting from the speakers, everyone hit the dance floor, shaking everything off, letting go and just having fun! Some even dancing the Dougie while slow dancing songs were playing (Mike and I feel guilty to be one of the first few people who started to do so.. HAHA). Not only did I dance with Mike, I danced with my friends and with other boys as well. To sum up the night, everything was PERFECT. All our efforts and hard work preparing for the prom was WORTH IT. It was a night full of fun and dancing and unforgettable memories. A night to remember. The best night ever. A timeless reverie. Magnifique. â™¡

*pictures are assorted

Pictured with me is my cousin Chelsea. We have the same hairstyle (coincidence.) 😛 My mom designed and made her gown too. 😀

Mike and I on the dancefloor.

Mike and I when he picked me up at home.

Me and daddy!

Mike, me and Ate Mary.

With me is Reimari and Kriz. Reimari won Best Dressed. 🙂

With Jaime and Czarina!

With Kim, Aira and Rei!

With tablemates:

Cynthia and Tim!

Gio and Kriz!

Macoy and Ica!

.. and Anna and Larence! (feat. Wesley at the back lol)

with me is Yuri, and Jasmine, an old Seedling. 😀

With my “S[oo]l sister”, Ate Snow!

Mike took this one 🙂

With my best friends Anna and Ica. 😀

With beautiful Ica and Rei in their lovely gowns!

Dougie time! Art, Mark, Trystan (Best Dressed for guys) and Macoy led everyone to dougie-ing on the dance floor!

With Anna, Kriz, Louise and her date, Chang!

Vince showing off his moves!

On the floor with my girls!

Thanks for the memorable night. 😀

With Ica!

Mommy (Viktoria Couture) designed and made this beautiful gown. Thank you, mom! >:D<

With Style, Mike’s other best friend. 🙂

Mike’s large surprise for mommy!

Mike failed to wear the corsage on my wrist just like last year.. but he got it anyway. :))

Reverie 2011 || Magnifique 2012

My laptop’s current wallpaper. ♥

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    I didn’t know we are called seedlings. haha! Great post Ysabel, you looked gorgeous last Saturday! 🙂

    • Why, hello there Anonymous “Seedling”! 😉 Thank you very much! 🙂 Next time, leave your name! I’m itching to find out who you are. :> I guess I’ll see you in school. 😉

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